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1969 Impala Project Coming soon!!!

Welcome to our 1969 Impala Project. We like to think that the classic car hobby is not limited to muscle cars, or prize winning trophy cars you'd have to win a lottery to own. Those cars are great in their own right, however we believe that for the most part the hobby is about ANY old car that someone takes the time to work on and finds enjoyment in, period.

The subject of this section is a 1969 Impala 4-door sport sedan (hardtop) which we've had now for 10 years. The car is all original in that it has not undergone any formal restoration, but it has had one repaint in the original color (approx. 14 years ago). Otherwise it's a numbers matching, date-code matching factory original survivor. Sadly, after 37 years it's starting to show its age.

Why a 4-door you ask? Simply because it's the cleanest original unrestored 1969 Impala we've ever seen, bar none. Apart from being numbers matching through and through, it's a solid and rust free car. We've removed the carpets to reveal shiny clean floor pans staring up at us...never replaced. We've removed factory undercoating to find a black, shiny chassis and undercarriage. We feel that this car is a strong candidate for a straight forward simple restoration, and we couldn't resist. When you see so many '69 Impalas that have been altered in some way, even subtle changes...to find one so untouched is remarkable, and rare.

Beyond all that, 4-door hardtops share an almost identical roofline to their 2-door hardtop sisters (non-formal roof) and with the windows down and no pillar between them, most people don't even notice. The 4-door hardtops are a body style that quickly vanished as they were used and abused as family vehicles. So to find an Impala in such great shape is rare, the fact that it's a 4-door hardtop that survived makes it even more unusual.


A few specifics about this car to note:

Over time we'll show you in detail the work we've done, and the work we're doing now, which is relevant to all 1969 Chevrolets - such as documentation, engine work, etc. Please be sure to check back from time to time to see what's new!



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