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Rare Dusk Blue Beauty

Here's something you don't see very often: an SS427 done in Dusk Blue. But that's not the only thing that makes this car special...it also happens to be 1 of only 2,455 "true" SS427's made in 1969, 1 of only 1,572 1969 full size Chevrolet's with the F41 Special Performance Suspension, and 1 of less than 80 SS427's built at St. Therese Quebec, Canada for export to the United States as documented by GM Canada. Apart from this the car has several other low-production options making it very rare and desirable, among them posi-traction rear axle (3.31:1) and a Muncie M20 4-speed manual transmission. (See the RPO list below).

Documentation is key with this car, and there is plenty of it. 1969 SS427's are growing in popularity and value quickly these days, especially since 1969 was the last year ever for the SS427. While there are plenty for sale on eBay and other such places, most cannot be verified as "true" SS427's since without documentation, there is no way to verify the Z24 package by the VIN, and most assembly plants did not stamp the Z24 option on their trim tags. In fact, with only 2,455 SS427's originally made in 1969, most shown for sale these days are really clones, and of the few "true" 1969 SS427's left, even fewer have the documentation to prove it. Of those, fewer still are "numbers matching" correct cars.

This one however is very well documented with official documentation from GM Canada, as well as the original build sheet. And apart from the original Parchment vinyl top that's been removed, it's otherwise very true to how it left the factory. It's numbers matching, and has only 35,000 original miles. Today this is a RARE find.

David and LeeAnn Marcotte are the proud owners of this rare beast. They had the numbers matching original 427 professionally rebuilt with all new parts except the cam, and bored .060 over. The body has been completely redone with new paint. Frame is rust free, Floors are perfect. The interior has been redone with new seat covers, headliner, package tray cover, carpet, and they've just recently added a correct rosewood steering wheel, but still have the original. Apart from all of this, David and LeeAnn have kept the car in top driving shape with a new clutch, new brakes including brake lines, brake booster, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and calipers, and a 2 1/2 flowmaster 30 series exhaust for that sweet exhaust note that only a big block Chevy can give. The original red line tires are not on the car today, but she rides on brand new BF Goodrich rubber.

Original Options:

RPO Description
Number Produced (out of 1,168,300 total full size produced in 1969)
A01 Tinted Glass - All Windows                       
A51 Front Strato-Bucket Seats           
C08 Vinyl Roof Covering (removed from car)
F41 Special Performance Front and Rear Suspension
G80 Positraction Rear Axle
J50 Power Brakes
J52 Power Disc Brakes (Front)            
L36 390 Horsepower 427 Cubic Inch V-8
M20 4-Speed Muncie Wide Ratio Transmission
PU4 G70-15 PR-OE "Red Stripe" Tires
U69 AM/FM Pushbutton Radio  
U80 Rear Auxiliary Speaker
ZJ7 Special Hub Cap and Trim Ring "Rally Wheels"
Z24 SS427









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