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1969 Chevrolet VIN Decoder

Please Note - This decoder only works for 1969 Chevrolet Full Size Models

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How to decode your VIN

The VIN number is the most important number on your car, and the starting point in documenting any vehicle. Without the VIN number, it is impossible to verify anything about the vehicles history, features, or authenticity. That being said, it is extremely important to understand how to decode your VIN. It is especially important when considering buying a car that is said to be “numbers matching”.

Chevrolet VIN numbers in 1969 used a 13 digit alpha-numeric number, always starting with the number 1. The first digit indicates the division, and “1” represents Chevrolet. The next two digits indicate the series, which also determine if the car has a 6 or 8 cylinder, and the two digits after that determine the body style. The next digit (which is the 6 th digit in the VIN) indicates the model year…”9” equals 1969. If the six digit of your VIN is anything other than a 9, than it’s not a 1969 Chevrolet.

The seventh digit indicates the plant where the car was built. This is a letter for all American built full size Chevrolets, while Canadian made cars use a “1” or a “2”. The final 6 digits are the sequential production number, and all full size Chevrolets in 1969 started with number 000001 at all production plants.

Example VIN:



1 = Chevrolet
64 = Impala, 8 cylinder (hint: if these two numbers are even, they represent an 8 cylinder car, whereas if they are odd, it means it has a 6 cylinder).
39 = 4-door sport sedan
9 = 1969 model year
T = Tarrytown, New York production plant
000001 = 1st full size Chevrolet built at Tarrytown in the 1969 model year.

1969 Chevrolet Full Size Series Codes:

53 = Biscayne, 6 cylinder

54 = Biscayne, 8 cylinder

55 = Bel Air, 6 cylinder
56 = Bel Air, 8 cylinder
63 = Impala, 6 cylinder
64 = Impala, 8 cylinder
66 = Caprice, 8 cylinder

1969 Chevrolet Full Size Body Style Codes:

11 = 2-door sedan, 6 passenger
36 = 4-door station wagon, 6 passenger
37 = 2-door sport coupe, 5 passenger
39 = 4-door sport sedan, 6 passenger
46 = 4-door station wagon, 9 passenger
47 = 2-door custom coupe, 5 passenger
67 = 2-door convertible, 5 passenger
69 = 4-door sedan, 6 passenger


1969 Chevrolet Full Size Assembly Plant Codes:

C = Southgate, California
D = Atlanta, Georgia (Doraville)
F = Flint, Michigan
J = Janesville, Wisconsin
L = Los Angeles, California
R = Arlington, Texas
S = St. Louis, Missouri
T = Tarrytown, New York
U = Lordstown, Ohio
Y = Wilmington, Delaware
1 = Oshawa, Ontario
2 = St. Therese, Quebec

1969 Chevrolet Full Size Production Sequence Numbers:

All full size models start with number 000001 regardless of production plant or model series.


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