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Decoding 1969 Trim Tags


Upper and Lower Body Colors

In 1969 the body color codes changed from alpha (such as CC or C-C for White) to numeric (White is now 50). These codes are present in the previous charts. Where two sets of numbers are present, or a number code followed by a letter, it indicates a two-tone color scheme. The first set of letter is always the lower body color, and the second set is always the top. Features such as convertible or vinyl tops are also represented here. Instead of a numeric number for the upper body color, letters may be present. The following are some (but not necessarily all) of the possible letters for vinyl or convertible tops.

AA = White
BB = Black
EE = Parchment
CC = Dark Blue
FF = Dark Brown
GG = Midnight Green

There are other documented cases of there being a single letter after a number, for example 59 S. The "S" is known also to indicate a vinyl top, but it is unknown at this time of other single letters that may also represent either a convertible or vinyl top.


We've presented here as much information relevant to decoding a trim tag as we have available. Please keep in mind however that in many cases unique numbers or codes may appear on trim tags, relevant sometimes only to the plant where the car was built. We know that there are formats for all codes on the trim tag, but have seen many examples or variations from the standard formats described here. If you have additional information on your trim tags, let us know, we'd love to hear about it!



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